September 20, 2021 2:37 pm

How Ancient Symbols Can Benefit Modern Design

I want to speak to you these days about symbols. I love symbols. I love the prevalence and permanence of the symbols in our world. I love that some symbols are transitory. I love studying the stories behind their layout, and I love discovering and saving symbols that would otherwise slip away.

Over the past 3 years, I’ve created a virtual encyclopedia of symbols. I’ve amassed collectively more than 650 ethnographic and mystical symbols from cultures all over the international. I’ve categorised and redesigned them in a regular and contemporary style.

I want to offer creatives the risk to apply my research to encourage their very own designs. That’s why I’m crowdfunding to release Symbolikon, a digital library of ethnographic and mystical symbols that is the end result of years of extensive take a look at and difficult paintings.

I’d love in order to assist me in achieving my goals. But first, let me inform you a little bit about the challenge and why I assume it is so north face logo vital.

Curation. Inspiration. Imagination. Creation.
There’s no such issue as immaculate idea in terms of design. We create primarily based upon our own personal know-how, our cultural revel in, and we build at the paintings of designers that have come earlier than us. We stand, regularly, on the shoulders of giants.

It’s smooth to suppose that inspiration plus imagination equals introduction. But(!), earlier than notion comes curation. You must get your ducks in a row; you have to plot your research, do your due diligence. You have to understand where you’re coming from to get to wherein you’re going.

It’s easy to assume the clothier who comes throughout an interesting glyph at the same time as perusing tour web sites, planning subsequent holiday. Perhaps she likes the look, and uses it in her subsequent layout mission, for a organisation producing clinical resources. Now believe that aesthetically desirable glyph is an historic symbol for loss of life. That’ll be embarrassing for the emblem, and the dressmaker, someplace down the line.

That’s why I believe that an organized, categorized, virtual library of symbols is so valuable.

A Shared Global History
When I first commenced reading symbols, I changed into annoyed. I couldn’t locate images or facts in an easy-to-use digital layout. In my research, I regularly wanted you got uncommon print books, and talk to anthropologists and symbology specialists. I had to constantly pull collectively large quantities of disparate facts from diverse resources.

That’s why I’ve executed the studies, the business enterprise, the curation. For you. I need my research to prevent time and advantage your design.

We stay in an an increasing number of digital world. Not every dressmaker has the time or the opportunity to glance through historical texts in distant libraries. Yet, symbols represent a totally important part of our shared worldwide records.

I hope that my work — and yours — will preserve these powerful pics, in conjunction with their meanings, for destiny generations.

Knowing Where You’ve Come From Means Knowing Where You’re Going
Tell me, do you own a smartphone? You probably do. You’re in all likelihood the usage of it to study this newsletter. Look to the pinnacle of your cellphone screen. Do you notice this symbol?

The Bluetooth brand is the perfect instance of how historic symbols can encourage present day layout.

Bluetooth turned into developed through Swedish business enterprise Ericsson. It’s named after Harald Blåtand (Blue-enamel in English). Blåtand turned into a Viking king, recognised for his negotiating abilties. Ericsson concept that this ancient ruler had lots in not unusual with their new technology, which become additionally a awesome communicator.

The image that all of us apprehend to mean ‘Bluetooth’ is truly an amalgamation of the Nordic runes ‘H’ and ‘B’, Harald’s initials.

I love this. It’s the ideal aggregate of present day layout and ancient context. It’s a fit made in heaven. The layout crew have created an immediately recognisable symbol for a current technological innovation which, for anybody interested by investigating, gives a deep backstory that enhances and enriches know-how of the product.

This is what I accept as true with can be executed while creative artists check out historical symbols and incorporate them into modern designs. I need humans to be stimulated by symbols — whether or not it’s innovative designers, tattooist, artists, or maybe interior designers.

A Digital Encyclopedia of Ethnographic Symbols
I need you to look in a single vicinity and end up in another. I want you to find connections you couldn’t anticipate. I need you to locate the elusive spark that you’ve been searching for. Ultimately, I desire to encourage great layout.

When released, Symbolikon will offer non-restrictive licences, which means that symbols can be downloaded and used commercially and not using a constraints. I don’t need something to get within the manner of your creative technique. I want to inspire you to like symbols as a whole lot as I do.

That’s why each access in the Symbolikon library has been meticulously researched, labeled, and redesigned in a modern, current fashion. Divided into 25 classes, the symbols are downloadable in vector (SVG, AI) and raster (jpg, pdf) formats.

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